Youth Leadership Development

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight”

 J Maxwell

This is a program designed for juniors & seniors in High school.

The Leadership Smart Strategies Program in partnership with Progressive Home Health & Hospice was created for juniors and seniors in High school as they approach their transition into college and the business world. The 10 month program was formulated to expose and prepare Teens to the expectations that are demand by the business world to pursue a career. The Leadership Super Star Program enables high school students from all backgrounds to experience the world of business in a stimulating and interactive environment and gain access to positive role models in the world of business.

Activities Include:

  • Building your resume.
  • Business etiquettes.
  • Delivering value to your Employer.
  • Developing a culture of discipline and focus.
  • Entrepreneurial Experience.
  • Financial Wellness.
  • Failing is part of Success.
  • Leaning in for promotion and climbing up the ladder
  • Team work/Relationship building/Networking
  • Health & Wellness, Volunteering, and much more


Achievements from the Program Include:


  • 20 Volunteer Hours from Progressive Home Health & Hospice.
  • Optional Internship with Progressive Home Health & Hospice.
  • John Maxwell Leadership Certificate.
  • Special recognition at the Progressive Home Health & Hospice Annual Nurses Appreciation Ball.