Upcoming Events/Workshops

“The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it. This is the law of diminishing intents” J Maxwell

Live2lead leadership conference Wichita Kansas(October 2019)

Live2lead leadership conference NAKURU KENYA(February 2019)

Nurses Leadership Summit coming May 2019

Youth leadership Summit (Global youth initiative) October. 2019,


Lunch n Learn( let us motivate your leadership Team)

Leadership motivational discussions over lunch for 30-45 minutes. Great for team building


  1. Everyone communicates few connect
  2. Becoming a person of influence
  3. 15 laws of personal growth
  4. Five levels of leadership
  5. Laws of team work
  6. Put your dreams to the test.
  7. Sometimes you win sometime you learn
  8. Good leaders ask great questions.
  9. Leadership Gold.
  10. Becoming a person of influence
  11. Running with giants
  12. Wisdom from women in the bible.

“The heart of good leadership is sacrifice”
J Maxwell

“Leaders must give up to go up, and then give up even more to stay up. Sacrifice is an ongoing process, not a onetime payment.”
J Maxwell