Global Youth Initiative.( Youth leadership Development):

Today’s youth face many challenges, struggles with confidence, fear of failure and bullying. As parents, teachers and leaders we can do something about it.

During the 4 hours Global initiative event, the youth is equipped inspired and empowered to:

  1. Have a positive self image ( self confidence and good character are the heart of great leaders)
  2. Respect themselves and others (Great leaders do not bully or put others down. They value people and build them up)
  3. Be a positive influence( leadership is influence and young people are the leaders of tomorrow)
  4. Fail forward towards success (leaders have the right attitude about failure as an important part of success.
ONE ON ONE Youth leadership coaching:
  • Business etiquettes
  • Delivering value to your Employer
  • Developing a culture of discipline and focus
  • Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Financial Wellness
  • Failing is part of Success
  • Team work/Relationship building/Networking
  • Volunteering, and much more
Achievements from the Program Include:
  • 20 Volunteer Hours from Progressive Home Health & Hospice
  • John Maxwell Leadership Certificate
“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” J. Maxwell